Vine,Vanessa and Ducks

Hellllllooooooo! I’m back. I would have blogged earlier but I’ve been thawing out after after my summer holiday in Northumberland. I can finally type again now that I have picked the ice shards from my eyes.

We were staying in a cottage that was so luxurious it made me want to do a Lord Lucan […]

Handbag Haulage

I’ve just done a radio interview with Vanessa Feltz about women and what’s in their handbags. For the purposes of research I tipped mine out onto the kitchen table and here’s what I found in there:

A bicycle pump, a leatherman, the satnav, binoculars, an army poncho, a torch and black shoe polish all belonging […]

Postman Prat

Happy New Year to you all – may it be your best ever.

2010 – the number of tears I cried as we drove away from our family Christmas holiday at a Luxury Health Spa.When we arrived there on Christmas Eve for this first in a lifetime experience there was a brief wardrobe malfunction when […]