My husband left the house this morning wearing a vest, a Helly Hansen polo necked top, a Helly Hansen not polo necked top, two t shirts, a checked shirt, a good shirt, a fleece, a gilet and a waterproof jacket. He was also wearing a pair of walking boots with four pairs of socks on […]

Just a Lidl bit Common

Chuckle, chuckle, snot and more chuckle, mirth and guffaw. Sam’n’Dave Cam flew Ryanair this week to show how very much indeed they are down with the electorate.

So being common is the new posh, then? Watch out for the ChavCams on a bus near you. One that stops outside Lidl.

Take It Lying Down

I wore several different tops today. A floral chifffon number, a hungarian folk dancing inspired black and white sensation, a scoop neck jersey jobby with sequin bugle beads around the neck and a symphony in cerise silk with frills. There were more but I don’t want to give full details of my Spring/Summer collection just […]