Razzle Vagazzle ‘Em

Just had my annual Christmas gift conversation with my husband who likes to gather a few ideas before he browses Wickes or Robert Dyas for something he thinks I might like.

After thirty years he can still surprise me. “Would you like a sugar bowl for Christmas?” he asked all pleased with himself for coming […]

Globes and Wiggles

It’s 1.15 am and I can’t go to bed because the 67th Golden Globes Awards Ceremony is live on TV. I am pigging out on botox and cleveage and teeth bleach.

My Irish mother gene makes me want to scream at Mariah Carey “Keep your chest warm!” Her dress has got to be on back […]

Present and Incorrect

It will soon be my birthday and this year I have introduced a complete ban on presents. I beg my friends and family to do the decent thing- reciprocate and liberate me from the time, trouble and expense of choosing gifts for them.

The final straw came last year when someone who knows me very […]