Strictly Surprised!

I knew it would entertain me, but Weekend One of Strictly managed to big time surprise me, too:

Rory Bremner came on grinning and looking just like Chucky from the horror films

Lulu bombed, and I’m not talking about her Time Bomb brand of face creams

Dancy Nancy’s glamour bod is so irresistable that even […]

Strictly Sensational 2011

It’s going to be a VINTAGE year, I can tell already.

Tonight’s theme was game old birds: Tess Daly wore a Sesame Street big bird jumpsuit and introduced Dolly Parton who was dressed in Mother Goose style gauchos.

Edwina Currie was done up as half Queen Mother and half showgirl. Lulu is clearly this […]

Won’t Tell Lulu

I am in a complaining mood for the following reasons:

1. My husband has lost two stone in weight and is now making me look fatter than I am. Plus he watches me every time I eat a Galaxy Caramel Egg and is impairing my enjoyment of sucking out the centre. No-one mention Jack Sprat […]