Honey, I Shrunk the Strictly Contestants!

Strictly in Wemberly sounded like a great idea, but it brought back unhappy memories of the hours I spent hunting for lost Polly Pocket dollies in the carpet when my daughters were small and teeny weeny Polly Pockets were their favourite toys .

In that vast arena I felt I was looking at the tiny […]

Strictly Sindy

Anita could have at least tried to shed a cheesey tear when partner Robin was retired early with Funnyfoot (that’s a complex medical term) and now she’s out of Strictly and probably waiting in at home for delivery of a tanker load of Frizz Ease – there’s Karma for you.

Artem took care of his […]

Stars and Stripey Pyjamas

Overall I declare it dull this year – but not dull enough to duvet dive any time before dawn. I watched the lot and passed my husband on the stairs at six o clock this morning when he was on his way down and off to work. My job, watching the 2010 Oscars, was done. […]