Feckity Feck

If your ankles are not as shapely as they might be, and are difficult to differentiate from your calf – you are the owner of a ‘Cankle’.

This change your life observation was reported on the Daily Mail website today. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-1390592/Cheryl-Cole-Miley-Cyrus-Helen-Mirren-suffer-curse-cankles.html Cherie Blair, Helen Mirren, Cheryl Cole and Hilary Clinton are all Canklers, too.

My […]

Cheryl, Mantyhose and Spooky Rabbits

I’m on the gallop today so here is a four in one blog to catch up from last week….

Cheryl Cole – after the coitius vomitus interruptus incident – when adulterous Ashley paused on the job to puke on the bedside rug before carrying on to score with another woman – why did Cheryl ever […]