Bluebottles and Blockbusters

I did a book signing of ‘Me and Mine’ today and was surprised that three members of the public came especially to ask my advice about getting their book published. I did point out that as it took me thirty years to get a publishing deal I hardly count as an expert.

One insistent and […]

Hair Miles

I AM a centrefold. See here………

Today’s Daily Express carries my ‘Hair Miles’ story about women who need a passport or a full tank of petrol just to get a haircut.

They were all lovely to interview and I won’t have a word said about any of them. Especially the lady who has already made […]

Champagne Mama

I wrote a piece that’s been published in today’s Daily Express –

….and if any of my four children are reading this , remember I love you most in all the world xxxx

Good Times

Yay ! I made it into the Times today – hope I don’t need an appointment with my GP anytime soon.

The Times: Don’t trust me, I’m a doctor