Strictly So-So Semi

A couple of dances into the semi final and the judges were so grumpy wumpy I was wondered if only Tess and Claudia would make it to The Final.

Anton and Katie slaughtered their Charleston. And their Waltz was wobbly.  I can’t bear that she thinks viewers are voting for her  when actually it is Anton’s faithful fans dialling in. The WeLuvAntonBrigade figure that their hero did such hard  penance with Ann Widdecombe and Nancy Loopylolio that they  want him to get his hands on the glitterball before his free bus pass arrives.

Aliona does love to nestle her head on Jay’s chest and still his facial expression doesn’t ever change. Maybe she could chomp down on his nearest nipple – that might rearrange his face. His Viennese Waltz was curly whirly. And their Charleston was wonderful until he dropped Aliona on her perky behind.

Georgia struggled out of her sick bed to Salsa and Viennese Waltz.  Dr Dance cured her. My late Mother would tell the pair of them to keep their chests warm.

I love that Anita gives every dance plenty of welly, but fear she may  be back in her Countryfile wellies next week after their feeble Foxtrot. But that Salsa! There wasn’t a lot of gapping between his groin and her chin in some of the moves. And Anita should have earned  air miles for those lifts. If they get knocked out this week at least Gleb will be able to spend more time with his mirror.

I can’t remember if I saw KK’s Rumba. Nuff said. Their American Smooth was gorgeous. But who in the wardrobe department has a grudge against Kelly? Every week her dresses  are designed never to batter, not flatter, her figure.

And the winner is…..? I lost my £10 bet the week Daniel O’Donnell clomped out so what do I know?










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  • Jan

    I so agree about viewers voting for Anton and not Katie the poor deluded fools. I love KK best but why the twee dances and outfits? They haven’t done one sexy number. Jay will win I’m sure although at the start I thought it would be Peter Andre so don’t listen to me.