Strictly Ziggy Zaggy Bobs

Caroline Flack is 35! I put her at least ten years younger. I am getting me a ziggy-zaggy bob and a fringed frock for Christmas so I can turn back time, too.

In the end I switched horses and wanted Mark Wright to win – even though his partner Karen made me feel bilious with her tears and grins and the general fakefest that is her TV persona.

Mark was rubbish at the start, but he worked those cooking apple bot cheeks off to get to the final. And his Mum and sister (what a pair of unashamed lipliner abusers they are)certainly put the hours in too. Clearly they spent all week getting ready to go watch their Marky boy dance live every Saturday.

I had an ethical issue with Strictly this year – getting trained dancers to compete with beginners mixes up my head.I hope next year they play fairer when putting the line up together.

As and for Brucie Who? The show was pacier and more sweet tempered without him but hopefully Tess ( the zombie in a full length dress) Daly will soft shoe shuffle out of the line up for 2015. Now tried and tested, Zoe and Claudia are the dream team.

Whether we meet again under the glitterball next series, or before, please do have a fabulous Christmas and a healthy and happy New Year.

Anna May x

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