Strictly Slump

Zoe, Claudia and Tess – if there was a presenter-off instead of a dance-off I reckon the judges and the public would vote to eliminate Tess. She’s stiffer than Judy Murray and takes herself a LOT more seriously.

This week there was a dancing dip – a kind of post halloween/pre Blackpool sleepy hollow.

Two of the ‘cooples’ bucked the midway Strictly slump; Simon and Kristina with their shiny bright quickstep and Mark and Karen’s and their dreamy waltz.

Wardrobe made Caroline Flack dance her wobbly waltz in what looked like her grandad’s string vest – after it had shrunk in the wash.

I’ve gone off Jake because he is so dour; and his rumba didn’t have enough bumba to make up for his misery chops.

You can’t hurry a Murray. Judy has been playing statues to the music forweeks now but still she stays in….

After the first 20 seconds I watched Sunetra’s foxtrot on fast forward. I’m thinking she’s sweet, but has she peaked?

Alison thumped her way through a charleston. If there was a glitterball for having a laugh and fancying the tight pants off Alijaz then she’s be a dead cert to win it.

I can’t believe Frankie cried when the judges didn’t love her Samba. She needs tuition from Judy Murray in how to belly laugh and mean it when you’re getting slagged off on national TV.

Pixie played her ‘grandad for votes’ card but her foxtrot was so good she could have saved the old bloke up for the final.

According to the papers Ola is bullying Steve, and judging by their rictus grins to camera there might be some truth in the reports. I have suspected there was a touch of the diddums about Steve from Week 1. Just saying.

2 comments to Strictly Slump

  • You’ve perfectly summed up everything I thought! Maybe Tess’s days as presenter are numbered – I’d be happy with a Zoe/Claudia combo.

  • Julie Mangan

    i really like Judy Murray’s good nature – she dances like she’s strapped to an ironing board but know how bad she is! some of the others needto lighten up and juts enjoy making fools out of the themselves on national TV – my vote is for Judy to win at the mo! Love your comments – very funny about Alison.