‘Before I Go to Sleep’ the film – Forget It !

Last night I went to the cinema to see ‘Before I Go to Sleep’ and was shocked by just what a bad fringe, bad coat loada hokum film it is.

I won’t do any spoilers; lets just say us cinema goers were spoilt with snort-fest moments. My favourite is when Nicole Kidman gets chased down a pier by a Doctor who is holding a hypodermic syringe aloft. And I’m guessing she was being paid per pout? Ker-ching.

The novel by SJ Watson, which I gobbled up,is a literary phenomenomenomenomena (that’s a huge phenomena) and shows that the power of a good book can usually smash a film, even when a tub of Ben and Jerry’s Chocolate Brownie ice cream is factored in.

4 comments to ‘Before I Go to Sleep’ the film – Forget It !

  • Jan

    I saw it this evening and rather enjoyed it but I do agree that the book was better. And I didn’t think much of Nicole Kidman. There’s more life in my garden fence than in her acting skills!

  • Ha ha – your friend Jan made me laugh with her Kidman comparison! I’m glad you said this about the film – I intended to go and see it, but now I won’t, as I enjoyed the book a lot.

  • Anna May

    Hi Jan but does your garden fence have an Oscar?

    Fran, it was a great read and in the same ilk (love that word) I am looking forward to ‘Gone Girl’ which is out next month

    Anna May x

  • Julie Mangan

    book was great but film was a bit silly – too many long stares from each character. Good job I forget the film the next morning.