I am so relieved there are actual sound problems with the BBC’s Jamaica Inn because my husband and I spent Monday night calling “Eh?”, “You what?”,”What did he just say?”,”Did you catch that?” and ‘”Turn it up higher. Higher!”  across the room.  By the time it was over I’d decided to by some multivitamins for the  over fifties thinking my eardrums must be furring over, same as my chin.

Even at full volume Joss sounded like he had a pair of socks in his mouth. Diction darling, diction. I thought that’s what took three years to learn in acting school?

And that’s not my only complaint. It’s also StragglyhairInn. Patience looks like she’s been the victim of a revenge attack by a trainee colourist at Toni&Guy . What colour is her hair? Peach? Apricot? Pink grapefruit? Red cadaver? And why doesn’t she ever brush it? The gals hair is a major distraction for me. Outside it’s windy, it’s wet  it’s misty – but their hair is waist length and loose. WHAT is it doing clamped to their shoulders all the time? I think Joss might have said “tie those rat tails up in a scrunchy or I’ll beat you senseless” in episode one but they couldn’t  hear/understand him.

I think I know the reason we can’t hear the cast – it’s because of the tumble drier noises off set. It must have been on day and night to get those wet and muddy long frocks dry in the time it takes to say “Pardon me?”




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