Heels and Curls and High Winds

If my husband  and I were the future King and Queen and had flown to New Zealand with our very bonny 8 month old son I would NOT have done the following things on  touch down:

Dressed as an ageing air hostess to exit the plane

Worn treacherous high heels on aircraft steps

Been the one grappling with the baby, the hat, the curls, the dress and skirt hems in a whipping wind whilst the Daddy and the Nanny swing their arms nearby

And talking of the new royal nanny,  where has she been all her life? The woman is the colour of a mushroom and is wearing clothes that are two sizes too big.

1 comment to Heels and Curls and High Winds

  • Glenda Willis

    My stomach was churning when I saw her walking down the steps – I thought how easily she would trip over

    Re Nanny: So as her husband’s eyes don’t wander.