Brucie and Big Bird

Woo hoo , Strictly’s back!

Tess came as Big Bird.  Brucie is one more  mistimed  gag away from a bath chair/checked rug combo, and Darcey lost her hairbrush.

The wonderful-wonderful Dave Archer looks lean and mean for this series, and he so needs sequins on those headphones.

I predict Aliona will have a lot of  time for shopping and dry dusting her skirting boards before Christmas. Tony Jacklin is sure to be first out . Was the bloke smiling or grimacing? And wouldn’t he make the best hobbit?

Yvetta DanceitrightorIwillkillyoooooo is going to be good value and Mark Benton danced a tango entirely with his chin and nostrils.

Kevinfromgrimsby has jumping beans in his boxers and Suzannah’s wonky cartwheel made me want her to win already.

Sophie with Brendan –  is she too cool for sequins? And I’m thinking Brendan loves himself more than the dancing these days.

Anyone else feel the chill between Natalie and Artem? She’s this year’s psycho-dancer and needs to remember viewers want a journey………Natalie seems to have been, gone, unpacked and done her washing and ironing already.

Ballroom bliss…and more tonight. Huzzah.



2 comments to Brucie and Big Bird

  • Verns

    I see the words ‘Strictly’ and ‘Big Bird’ and three years of therapy goes down the drain.

    Huzzah! Strictly is back.

    KevinfromGrimsby is part dancer and part Labrador, and all the more adorable for that; he does need to calm down a bit, though. Natalie can be forgiven much, purely because of the disdain with which she treats Brucie’s laboured gags. She’s like ‘whatevs’. ?

  • Hahaha – love that link to the frocky horror show!

    Great doggy description of KevinfromGrimsby!

    Give us a Brucie Bonus, BBC – retire him gracefully

    Anna May x