Ballroom Bliss

I’m back!

But much better news is that Strictly is back. And what a feast it was – no cheese required tonight. It’s pure cruelty that we have to wait three weeks to clap eyes on them all again.

First impressions are:

Abbey Clancy hearts Abbey Clancy

Deborah Meaden doesn’t know what embarrassment is

James Jordan will cry himself to sleep tonight

Kevinfromgrimsby looks like the love child of Eileen Grimshaw and fireman Paul from Corrie. Anyone know where he is from?

The Hairy Biker is Wurzel Gummidge in disguise

Rachel Riley is too clever to dance

Aliona is Strictly’s very own Catherine Zeta Jones –  she grabbed a granddad (one without shirt buttons)

The only person missing the beat is poor Brucie

Tess didn’t manage to get a personality transplant during her nine months off

And….a Strictly conndrum – was Dave Archer born in headphones? Has he ever been seen without them?


I must find that jar of Seven Seas Cod Liver Oil I bought after last year’s show opener . Plan was to get my own hips swinging. Might need some earplugs in before I try……..






9 comments to Ballroom Bliss

  • We thought Vanessa’s efforts made Deborah Meadon’s look good, but I’m with you on Abbey. No idea about Kevin but very sad that Vincent is missing. Poor James.

  • Hello Hausfrau, wasn’t it all just so good? Vanessa was airborne at one point and I guess James would have liked her to keep going up up and away!

    Anna May x

  • Jan

    Welcome back Anna May. I eagerly await your reviews of Strictly. Three questions:
    1) Where are Vincent and Flavia?
    2) How is James going to cope with lifting Vanessa when it took about four of them tonight?
    3) Is Kevin actually Norman Wisdom in disguise? Less Grimsby, more Mr Grimsdale (You have to be of a certain age to understand that.)

    From what I could make out in the group dancing I rather liked Patrick from Casualty. And cuteness award must go to Rachel and Pasha.

  • Glenda Willis

    Sorry girls but I haven’t watched it yet. I must ‘catch-up’ shortly so as I can appreciate all your comments.

  • Hi Jan, after exhaustive research (I read the Daily Mail online) I can tell you that Vincent and Flavio are no more-o
    James won’t have to lift Vanessa because she will be making an early exit and if she doesn’t he can hook her gastric band onto the machinery that got Anne Widdecombe into the air and that Kevinfromgrimsby is going to be a sizzler…..
    Glenda, you are BARRED until you have seen it so hurry up!

    Anna May x

  • Glenda Willis

    OK, OK, OK – I have now watched it and recognise some of the people. You did well for your first week. I do need to watch it again to really make sure that I know who everyone is. However, it is too late now as ‘catchup’ finished last night. I seem to have lost the will now that Ian Waite is not in it.

  • I’ve a feeling Rachel Riley might be the one who looks the part, but really can’t dance for toffee. Love that Anton Du Beke looked like all his Christmases had come at once when he was paired with FF 🙂

    I don’t like it that they’ve replaced some of the dancers, but can’t wait for the series to start and to read your observations!

  • Verns

    I was so excited to see Strictly back on our screens that I threw a launch party and we all had to guess the likely pairings. I came last.

    Watching the training clips on the BBC Strictly website (saddo that I am), I am developing a soft spot for the Hairy Biker, who looks like being this year’s John Sergeant. Abbey Clancy and her pro partner, Aljaz, are dead ringers for Barbie and Ken, and I already want to strangle Julien McDonald (Team Sparkle, forsooth).

    Looking forward to your weekly reviews, Anna May. 🙂

  • Glenda, you are unbarred. Welcome back.

    Karen, aw Rachel is like a Disney character so I hope no-one is too mean to her. And Fiona Fullerton strikes me as very randy! I am hositle to the newboes until it all kicks off and then I luv ’em all. Hurry up next Friday and Saturday!

    Hi Pauline, how are you? Julien MacDonald is going to be such a bitch and how can a man be that high shine and hairless? Only six sleeps to go!

    Anna May x