Strictly Lift Off

Beefy Ben Cohen kicked off the second part of Strictly 2013 and as I only watched the muscles in his arms during his dance I will pass on him.

Fiona Fullerton got her legs in a plait and pouted well to the music but I doubt Anton will dance in December (yet again) this year


Brucie and Big Bird

Woo hoo , Strictly’s back!

Tess came as Big Bird. Brucie is one more mistimed gag away from a bath chair/checked rug combo, and Darcey lost her hairbrush.

The wonderful-wonderful Dave Archer looks lean and mean for this series, and he so needs sequins on those headphones.

I predict Aliona will have a lot of […]

Eye’s Celebrating

I needed glasses, contact lenses, reading glasses and prescription and non prescription sunglasses as well as glasses cases, contact lens cases, contact lens solutions and comfort eye drops.

And recently my middle distance deserted me and went to the same place that my short and reading sight vanished to a long time ago. The evidence […]

Grammar Gag

Thanks to the friend who e-mailed me this writerly gag today:


Q: How do you console someone who is bad at grammar?

A: There, their, they’re


She’s Got Bottle

I saw on the news that a woman in disguise, she was wearing a fake nose, moustache and glasses, stole a bottle of £95 Chanel perfume from a Boots store in Wiltshire.

There’s a scent by Dana called Incognito – she should have gone for that and then it would have been the perfect crime.


Tiger Balm and Bandy Turkeys

I am walking like a bandy turkey today because of the Run to the Beat half marathon that happened Greenwich Park yesterday.

To get to the finish line in time to see my daughter cross it I had to scamper up the precipice that leads to the Observatory, and slide down the hill the other […]

Ballroom Bliss

I’m back!

But much better news is that Strictly is back. And what a feast it was – no cheese required tonight. It’s pure cruelty that we have to wait three weeks to clap eyes on them all again.

First impressions are:

Abbey Clancy hearts Abbey Clancy

Deborah Meaden doesn’t know what embarrassment is

James […]