Name Dropping

It was the first time I had been invited on ITV’s ‘This Morning’ and events went off like a firework……..

This was mostly thanks to Katie Hopkins who put forward the opinion that being working class is a contagious disease that she doesn’t want her children,  little Posh and Poshellas , to catch.

And her litmus test of what class a child is from? Their name.

She can be as daft as she likes, and vicious, but it’s sad that she is so proud to be breeding a new generation of snobs.

My school and college friends from four decades ago (who are all-comers in terms of their backgrounds) have stuck by me ever since and shared  life’s joys and disappointments.

Those  friendships are classless, and priceless.




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  • By strange coincidence, after avoiding the Daily Mail for several months I succumbed just a few minutes and go and there I see you…I then went to You Tube for the full interview…

    May I congratulate you on the best one liner of the interview – re the Latin name for Poppy. I laughed out loud:))

  • Glenda Willis

    Loved every minute of it. There you were practically speachless. What a horrible person she is. I bet she has lost a lot of friends over that interview.

    I must say you looked amazing as always.


  • sarah davis

    Hi Anna May
    I wish i had seen it – she is dreadful and her poor children! what is this endless debate about names and class about! Names are names they do not define the person but attitudes like Katie Hopkins certainly do. I doubt she even has any friends and her poor children will not either mainly thanks to their frankly stupid mother – rant over have a lovely very hot weekend Anna May x

  • 50 year old gigolo

    The sad thing is many people think and act like Kate Hopkins but are sly enough to keep quiet except among their set. Britain is a class society with a pretty stable hierarchy and pecking order. The confidence and assurance with which Kate Hopkins offered her views, and some of the feedback on the show, bear this out.

    It was great to see and hear you. I agree with Glenda, you look amazing.

  • sarah davis

    Just thought i would add she is now picking on ginger haired children! nasty comments apparently on twitter. Who is she ?, its about time we do not give this snobby spiteful woman any of our attention
    Sarah x

  • Julie M.

    thought you were superb – uber cool and acerbic – great TV. You should have a regular slot on the settee opposite Holly and Philip!

  • Steph

    What I (and my FB friends) loved the most about this was (a) your suggestion about using the Latin for “poppy” (and whatever your comment was at the end, not remembering off-hand), and (b) how she seemed oblivious to the fact that you were poking at her. In fact, she seems to be seeing you as on *her* side with the Latin.

    Props to you for not getting sucked in.

  • Anna-May,
    thank you for speaking up against this ignorant woman and for the class you showed in not rising to her.
    Bigotry is alive and well, and living in Britain.
    Felicity Fox

  • Hello Jane, yes that one liner just ‘poppied’ in to my head at the right moment

    Glenda, you are , as always, very kind

    Sarah,, judging from the reaction to what she said the nation thinks she is a dinosaur

    Welcome to 50 year old gigolo (did I just type that?)I hope the outrage that greeted her comments might shame a few closet snobs, at least? Thanks for the comments

    Julie, thanks!

    Hi Steph, I’m not sure Katie even noticed I was there because as usual it was/is only her opinions that count

    Welcome Felicity thank you for getting in touch and your kind words.

    Anna May x

  • SmitoniusAndSonata, is there a medical condition called spoutingnonsenseitis?

    Anna May x