George Has Been Re-Listed

Georgeous Clooney has broken up with his latest girlfriend.

In E-Bay speak, he has been re-listed.

I would write a long post on the relationship psychology behind this bit of gossip, but I have to go and bleach my moustache in case Georgeous comes to my part of the world any time soon…….

And let’s be clear, my tongue is hanging out right now because he’s it’s hot.

5 comments to George Has Been Re-Listed

  • Joanne

    I hear he has a home in Lake Como, Italy (well not IN Lake Como exactly:-) ). Guess where I’m off to in a couple of weeks? Seriously! Perfect timing I’d say!

  • Glenda Willis

    Anna, first of all you try and take Ian Waite from me and now George Clooney – whatever next. He IS mine and don’t forget it.

    Joanne: enjoy Lake Como but don’t go searching for George as he will be with me.

  • Mike

    Oh well, if no-one is interested in Stacey Keebler, I could take her off his hands I suppose…

  • sarah davis

    Yay the lovely George is there a buy it now price?
    Sarah x

  • Laydeees! Please! Joanne, Glenda, Sarah form an orderly queue. Behind me.
    Mike take Stacey away and keep her busy, we don’t want any emotional reunions going on.
    Anna May x