Gee Thanks!

A big thank you to the HUGE number of people who have contacted me with messages of support after the explosive ‘This Morning’ debate with Katie Hopkins.

Anna May x



6 comments to Gee Thanks!

  • Jan

    You spoke so well Anna May. I don’t know how you remained so dignified in the face of such hideous snobbery. You are a Youtube sensation and a Twitter heroine.

  • Debbie

    The interview has had just under 10m views on YouTube!!
    I can only think it’s because people are watching it over & over.
    “This is snort worthy…” LOVE IT!!

  • Julie M.

    10million viewers – my goodness, how weird and wonderful! “snort-worthy” is my new word of the month!!

  • Glenda Willis

    All the above and more. I so wish I could have been there – Anna May YOU WERE AMAZING and still are of course.


  • Joanne

    Anna May, I thought you said ‘snot-worthy’ so that’s become my new phrase! You really socked it to her. You were brilliant and I literally cheered when you dived in to defend the Chelsea’s and Tyler’s of this world. More please!

  • Jan, Debbie, Julie, Glenda, Jack and Joanne – it is so kind of you all to get in touch

    Anna May x