Not a Good Wife Life

I am looooovvving the latest series of The Good Wife’. Julianna Marguiles who plays corporate lawyer Alicia Florrick gives such great suit. Her offices are

It makes me realise just what I am  missing by working here at home. My sofa is my office chair and a chintzy cushion that I use to rest my laptop on is my desk. I have an executive footstool that barks…. that would be my collie dog. And as for my suit free appearance everything about me is creased; clothes and alas, face.

But – there are bonuses,pity they aren’t finanacial ones, but I do get to watch QVC when I have my lunch and  I don’t have to share my daily , weekly, occasional, very occasional bag of Maltesers.


2 comments to Not a Good Wife Life

  • julie

    hello Anna,
    I have already told you i would willingly shadow you for the day!!!! and i will even bring my own maltesers xx

  • Anna May

    Welcome to you, Julie! You know YOU are welcome any time!

    Anna May x