Scream and Shout

I screamed for my life in bed at 4am this morning. The force of my yell made the hair on my husband’s back sway –  yet still he claims he didn’t hear a thing.

The reason I screamed out ? Our highly trained and intelligent dog, by some distance the best behaved and most intelligent male  in the household. came into our bedroom, crept to my side of the bed and inserted his cold and wet nose into my ear while I was lying on my back enjoying a blissful George Clooney rich dream.

There was no Lassie style emergency, nobody was  stuck down a well. The naughty dawg  did it just for some pre-dawn fun.

“Why did you scream like that last night?” my daughter asked at 5pm today, 13 hours after the event. This from the girl who wrote that she has an ‘appropriate sense of urgency’ on a job application form only last week.


8 comments to Scream and Shout

  • I had a ‘pet makes me scream in the morning’ thing happen to me too, the night our gerbil escaped from its cage and I woke to find it sitting on the pillow just by my nose.
    By the way, George was with me. I think you must have been mistaken.

  • Ginny Willis

    Oh no he wasn’t Fran!!

    Anna May: Do you scream and talk in the night so often that your hisband wears earplugs?

  • Anna May

    Fran, are you an open mouthed sleeper? Imagine if……….
    And I know you covet George but he was in my dream with only me. In fact the pillow talk was that it was time for us to take our relationship to a higher level… there.

    Ginny, he doesn’t need earplugs. The man is tuned out to me.

    Anna May x

  • Diddy

    maybe he is a dog whisperer?

  • Debbie

    Hi Annamay and Fran,
    Gorgeous George was with me as I bailed him out last week following his arrest 🙂

  • Anna May

    Debbie, maybe you did, but who did he come home to?

    Anna May x

  • Julie

    perhaps the dog does that everynight and you just slept lightly the other night? Are you sure it was his nose and not his tongue? I bet he got such a fright too – poor thing.

    Anyway, ENOUGH about that – how can you be so modest and not mention that your book is No.1 on the Irish bestsellers list?!!!! Amaaaaaaazing achievement – very well done.

  • sarah davis

    HI Anna May
    George seems to get everywhere!
    This reminds me off when i was a kid we used to live in a large block of flats. It was summer i was about 12 and there was a fire in one of the flats on the other side of the block. There were screams, sirens etc. My brother slept though the whole thing! even when we shouted and gave him a shake as the firemen needed to empty the entire building! have a good weekend xx