On Top of the World! (Sort Of)

I have won the Joy Lottery today with two magic numbers – my book ‘Me and Mine’ is currently at Number 2 in the Irish Bestseller List and Number 31 in the UK.

Hearing that news  was like getting an electric shock –  and has made my hair curlier and my laugh maniacal.

5 comments to On Top of the World! (Sort Of)

  • Julie

    that makes you an official “bestseller” so totally fabulous! Me & Mine is a very special read so this is well deserved. What will happen to your hair and laugh if you hit No.1?!!

  • Well done Anna – That is definitely a winning situation:) I am reading Me and Mine at the moment – I cannot believe some of the stuff from your childhood- It’s a wonder you’re sane! ( I may be being a bit presumptuous there – I’m closer to the start than the finish!)

  • Ginny Willis

    Fantastic news Anna – I am so pleased for you and proud. I always knew that you were/are the greatest.

    I will include those numbers in my Health Lottery selection this week and let you know how I get on. xx

  • Anna May

    Julie – thank you and as for the hair it could fall out and grow back black maybe?

    Ooooo Jane, thank you very much and I SO hope you like it.

    You are very kind but have no time to gamble, Ginny, you have chicks to knit.

    Anna May x

  • Molly E

    CONGRATS!!!!!!!!! I couldnt be happier or more proud!!!!!! lots of love xxxxx