Lenny and John Lewis and Darth Vadar

Been a dash of a week. I’ve been very cultural starting with Comedy of Errors at The National Theatre. Lenny Henry was a big surprise  –  he was a no yelping zone, and I forgot all about his recent ropey hotel TV ads.

Next night out was at a theatre in Sloane Square, which is slap bang in the middle of London’s richest borough. I walked past a traffic warden in the street and he said, “Good Evening Madam.”

Where I live traffic wardens are trained in self defence and very chippy so I naturally  assumed he was being sarcastic and  retorted, “Ha bloody ha” before realising the guy was just being civil. Overcome with remorse I chased after him calling  “Good Evening to you, too! Good Evening! Sorry to be so rude! Good Evening!” And when he walked faster than I could run and got away from me, I inexplicably came over all Country and Western with “Have a great evening, you hear!”

There’s a branch of John Lewis close to the theatre and as I was a bit early I thought I’d walk through for a quick  nosey, but there were too many well bred people blockading the entrance doors for me to get into the store.

A good manners tug of war was in progress. Two lines of ladies,  dressed in Windsmoor separates  teamed with navy Van Dal shoes were lined up on opposite sides of the open doors and repeating, “After you” “No, please, after you” and “No I insist, after you……”  I was tempted to barge through and cackle, but remembering my lesson learned from the traffic warden incident, left them to it and went straight to the theatre instead.

The play, In Basildon, was snorting funny and stonkingly sad at the same time. The only thing I didn’t like about it was that Darth Vadar was in the seat behind me. He wasn’t eating noisy sweets or fidgeting or  kicking the back of my seat – he was just…breathing. Some people just don’t know how to behave in the theatre.


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