His Royal Hairiness-less

My husband is being presented to the Queen today. He dropped this royal gem into the conversation over his porridge and prunes this morning.

I had my suspicions he was meeting another woman because he  got up early to trim the hair that grows horizontally out of his ears and vertically from his nose, and gargled twice with extra strength Listerine. Her Majesty is in for a treat.

8 comments to His Royal Hairiness-less

  • Ginny Willis

    Oooooo Congratulations. What has he done to deserve such an honour?

    Hope the prunes don’t work at a very unopportune moment!!

  • Helen McCloskey

    I have just finished reading “Me and Mine” and thoroughly enjoyed it. It was one of the funniest and saddest books I ever read. It was extremely well written and reminded me of stories I heard from my relatives who also left Ireland for a new life in England in the 1950’s. It would make a brilliant film and I hope this happens soon.

  • Anna May

    Ginny, what has he done that is splendid?Too many things to single out just one!

    Helen, I am so thrilled you took the trouble to get in touch, and thank you for your very kinds words about ‘Me and Mine’.

    Anna May x

  • Diddy

    there’s always a lot of growth in spring

  • Debbie

    How did your husband’s meeting with the Queen go?

  • Diddy, tht’s a very poetic way to describe a bunch of nasal hair!

    Hello Debbie! She said he executes a beautiful curtsey!

    Anna May x

  • How exciting! Hopefully Her Majesty did the same before meeting your husband 🙂

  • lilly

    just got back from hols and really enjoyed ‘Me anD mine’ It first caught my attention as it was mentioned in my local paper the harrow observer,and so i felt i wanted to find out more about this local irish lady, and it was such a joy to read. I have passed it on to my irish friend, who i know will enjoy it.