Eyes Wide Shut

I went to the cinema to see The Woman in Black but never actually saw the woman in black because I had my eyes closed for 95% of the time.

Scary films freak me out and I NEVER watch them but I know one of the child actors in the film. Her late and much missed grandmother was a dear, dear friend of mine, and I went because I know how very proud she would have been of her beautiful grand-daughter.

Not too far into the film a bird fell down a chimmney, a moment that made the audience jump.  I convulsed AND screamed out loud and made the woman in front of me jolt.  She was holding a wastepaper bin sized carton of popcorn. “You made me spill a couple of quids worth!” she growled in my direction, adding “You’d better not do that again!”

So I listened to the rest of the film asking my husband to tell me what was going on. He would not be a good translator because he said “Shut Up!” 53 times in two hours. He also made me even tenser by saying popcorn woman was getting annoyed with me for talking and I was to scared to open my eyes to see if that was true in  case I saw something on the screen

Even just listening to the film scared me rigid, I thought I was having serious palpitations afterwards but the nice Odeon first aider who took my pulse in the foyer said I was fine to go straight home  and I didn’t need to see a Doctor.

And now I think I keep seeing The Woman in Black’s face at every window, even though I didn’t actually see her face, which makes me wonder if what I am seeing is a real face and not a film hangover. I got a lot of scare for my £8.



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  • I remember feeling like that just from reading the book.

  • sarah davis

    I agree with Anny the book is very scary!

  • sarah davis

    I got so scared remembering the book i pressed the wrong button on the computer and sent half a reply!
    Anyhow i am going to see it next monday with my 18 year daughter ( who is sure to scream) amd my mum ( ditto) I shall make sure i do not sit near anyone with popcorn! at least it is not in 3D
    Sarah x

  • Ginny Willis

    I think there must be something wrong with me because I didn’t find it scary and I thought the story was stupid.

    Well at least I tried……maybe I am quacking up!!!

  • I’ve taught the book a few times. In my last school, the school bell was just outside our classroom door, and was always a shock when it went off with its piercing yell of a noise. I used to try and time the scary bits of ‘Woman in Black’ for exactly when the bell went off, like when a candle had just gone out, or the woman in black appeared at a window, and all the kids would scream, quite genuinely. I love teaching.

  • Ginny Willis

    Oh Fran – you are awful!!!

  • Anny , then stay well away from the film even tho’ it has very little to do with the book!

    Sarah, my advice is bring a blindfold and ear plugs.

    Ginny, you could knit yourself a Woman in Black?

    Fran, I like your style!

    Anna May x

  • Julie

    I am still traumatised by the play where the chairs rocks – totally spooky wooky. I haven’t got the constiution for the film – I am too much of a jelly.

  • I decided I wouldn’t go and see the film because I happen to have read the book recently and thought it boring not scary: I’m clearly not as sympatico as I should be!

  • Anna May

    Julie, you ARE a jelly, and Hausfrau you are clearly not!

    Anna May x