Oats and Oprah

My husband doesn’t know who Oprah Winfrey is.

I know this for sure because at breakfast today he asked me if we were going to the opera. I tried opera once, and it hurt my sinuses. I said no way and asked him where that question came from when he was clearly busy with his jumbo oats and soaked prunes along with the free newspaper insert that flogs foot muffs and telescopic caravan cleaners.

He made a duh! face and pointed at the Oprah magazine I was reading.

6 comments to Oats and Oprah

  • Ginny Willis

    He’s not thinking of advertising his ‘old-uughboots-hat’ for sale in the free newspaper is he?

  • sarah davis

    you will have to introduce him to Oprah via repeats on sky tv!
    The only opera i have seen is Carmen and it was very hard trying to stop myself singing along very noisily and out of tune when the matadors arrive !
    best wishes Sarah x

  • Pauline

    On balance, I think it’s better that he knows opera better than Oprah, although it would have been equally funny the other way around – the Royal Oprah House has a certain ring, don’t you think?

    I like opera more than Oprah, but would prefer it if they left out the recitative (the twiddly bits in between) – they are rarely tuneful; usually in a foreign language I don’t understand; and always part of a mystifying and/or ridiculous plot. But I do like the songs.

  • Julie

    I hate opera, adore Oprah! I sat through an opera wishing I could follow it, wishing it was in English and that that “howling” would end soon when i was told it was three (long acts) hours long and they were singing in English. I wanted to stab myself in the eye with a sharp stick.

  • Anna May

    Ginny, they are TOO exclusive to sell dontchaknow?

    Sarah, he only watches Braveheart repeats and My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding so no chance of that! Glad you enjoyed Carmen so much……

    Hahaha Royal Oprah House! Love that!

    Julie, it’s official. You are a philistine. Join the club!

    Anna May x

  • Dear Madam,
    I got hold of a copy of Me and Mine when I purchased 2 books at random at London Heathrow bookshop.Buy one and get the second 1/2 price. I don’t know which one was 1/2 price, but Me and Mine is priceless. I enjoy reading it and I don’t think there are many copies here in Belgium. I love the vibe that is conveyed and for sure the Irish spirit is living on. Sorry to read about all the illnesses and this makes me even more respectful.
    All the best and thanks for the book,
    Willy Demey
    Veerstraat 139
    B-2240 Zandhoven (B)