Very Super

I bumped into an old school gate frenemy  at the supermarket yesterday. If you want training in how to be a bitch extraordinaire, hers is the number you need.

“I am SO sorry about your book” she smiled but not with her eyes.

Baffled I asked her what she meant.

She put her hand on my shoulder, pulled a face and leant in close to say, “It’s here. On sale. In a supermarket….”

I almost ran her over with my trolley to get round to take a look and bust out all over with happiness. I am thrilled it’s in the supermarket with a new cover, see below, and I hope it gets a whole lot lot of trolley love.



10 comments to Very Super

  • Ginny Willis

    What is wrong with these people who always like putting other people down – jealous probably. She obviously has not read your book yet!!! Tell me who she is and I will have a word with her!!! xx

  • sarah davis

    Hi Anna May i like the new cover. I think that amazing that your book is on sale at the supermarket hope it flys off the shelf

  • Anna May

    Ginny, you are very kind.

    Sarah, Glad you like the cover.

    Anna May x

  • Jan

    I love the new cover and if I were you I would be bursting with pride. I’m sure it will be going into plenty of those trolleys so yah boo and sucks to your frenemy (or whatever it is posh people say.)

  • Linda Lancaster

    Hi Anna,

    I really enjoyed your book too!!
    I think it’s quite an achievement to have anything published!

  • Julie

    Wow! that’s brilliant – I am so proud. Let’s hope Tesco do a 3 for 2 offer on “Me & Mine”.

  • Well she’s obviously completely stupid!!! Getting your book in the supermarket is what authors die for! But even more important – it will piss her off every time she sees it and let’s face it with “friends” like that there’s no greater pleasure in life than poking them in the eye:))

  • Pauline

    Woo-hoo! Supermarket placement is fantastic news and bodes extremely well for future sales. I expect there are authors out there who write for the sheer joy of it, but I suspect most of them would like to make a bob or two in the process.

    Of course, the correct response to the frenemy is to say, ‘How dreadful! Help me get them off the shelves. I can buy four copies – how many can you pitch in for?’

  • You could have answered “Yes, dreadful. And where is YOUR book being stocked?”

  • Anna May

    Thank you all for the support, and my good news is that ‘Me and Mine’ hit the charts this week – it’s No 31 in the UK Non Fiction Chart – wooooooohoooooooo!

    Anna May x