Strictly at Wembulleeeee was certainly different.

It started off with some Savage strutting from Robbie, and Ola got her bumcrack out as a special treat but it was wasted in such a vast arena.

Can Russell get away with wrist dancing for much longer?  And  has he stolen Michael Ball’s hair? Being ‘fired’ at the start of last night’s show could be prophetic……

Anita’s gorgeous but she’s got feeble feet.

Is Holly’s dancing  sponsored by diazepam? It’s got everything but zest.

Jason was almost jolly,even when he went off jive.

And had the wardrobe department left their button box at the BBC Shepherd’s Bush? There was a lot of barechested chic going on.

I liked the lining of Tess’s Dress, but where was the rest of it? And who sat on Alesha’s hair?






6 comments to Wembulleeeee

  • Strictly wouldn’t be the same without your blog to look forward to, Anna May 🙂 Hated Wembley – dancing, judging, chatting, all lost in far too much space and noise. Hurrah that we are back to the studio next week. Then I channel hopped, only to learn that the X-factor final will be at Wembley with a crowd of 10,000 aimed no doubt at upstaging, outnumbering Strictly. Sigh.

  • Ginny Willis

    Why DID they go to Wembley? Were they offered a cheap deal!!!

    Toss Daly can stay another week as she looked quite presentable on Saturday – not on Sunday though.

    What happened to the dancing though? Definitely needs some input from Mr Waite don’t you think.

  • Jan

    I must admit I’m getting bored with Strictly. It particularly wasn’t good at Wembley. Don’t tell anyone but I prefer reading your comments on it to watching it.

  • I so agree about Holly – she’s almost there, but it’s like she can’t quite be bothered. I’m all about Harry McFly now, something clicked for me this week – and it had NOTHING to do with him being shirtless. Nothing, I tell you.

  • I believe the point of Wembly was to raise money for Children in Need, something they used to do through the voting until all sorts of questions got asked… Like you we felt it lost something by not being a (relatively) small and intimate show. It hadn’t occurred to me that they might have lost their button box; poor Robin had been tangoed too. It was time Russel went, but it’s getting harder to decide who to put in the final.

  • Anna May

    Bobbie, It was dreadful – too remote – like looking through the wrong end of a pair of binoculars

    Ginny, why must we Waite? Bring him back!

    Hahaha Jan, I am in my sequinned pj’s when I do my Strictly blogs

    Karen – FIBBER

    Hausfrau I’m thinking a Jason,Chelsee,Harry final? So Holly can sleep though it.

    Anna May x