Pinkies,Vegetable Balls and Forefathers

I think I must be proper posh. I put my hand into my top oven yesterday to retrieve an M&S vegetable ball I was heating up for lunch and I crooked up my little finger as I did so. You know, the way they do it in Downton Abbey when they are taking tea?

My nail made contact with the oven’s heating element, there was a sizzling sound and enough smoke to actually set off the fire alarm.  And now I have a tiny brown hole seared into the centre of my pinkie fingernail.

I ‘phoned my husband, who is currently sleeping rough on a beach in Ireland to connect with his forefathers, to tell him that I had set fire to my fingernail and get a bit of sympathy. “Was the dog OK?” was his loaded with concern reply.





6 comments to Pinkies,Vegetable Balls and Forefathers

  • sarah

    oh dear Anna May what is a vegetable ball? Im a lefthander so am a nightmare in the kitchen cuts and burns happen to me all the time, but hey at least your dog is ok! x

  • Julie

    at least it was only your nail that you seared. I’m intrigued you’re havng a hot lunch – is this was all writers to get inspiration and relax? do you lay the table “Downton” style with cutlery and measure the distance too between it all as Carson does? I wonder if you change outfit for lunch too and also wear a hat in the house like Lavinia did on Sunday? I have curly sandwiches for my lunch at my desk whilst I type.

  • Sarah, It’s mixed vegetables wrapped in lattice pastry strips and the size of a golf ball. And thinking about it now they were a bit ambitious for a solo lunch.

    Julie, no I don’t change my outfit for lunch – pj’s are acceptable. And see confession to Sarah, above, about the folly of attempting a hot lunch.

    Anna Mayx

  • Pauline

    You have my sympathies, Anna May. As a teenager, I dropped my cigarette end on the pavement (for both these sins, remember that I was a teenager, okay?), where it bounced, landed on my big toe and set fire to my nail varnish. My resultant hysteria was the very antithesis of the cool image I was trying to project…

  • Never mind about the dog. What happened to the vegetable ball?

  • Anna May

    Pauline, I have frequently thought ‘this woman is on fire’ when I read your Strictly limericks, and I was right! You liking Strictly the past couiple of weeks?

    Fran, Yum. Especially with caramelised fingernail on the side.

    Anna May x