Contrary Mary

Mary PertAss  yesterday branded the UK’s women politicians as ‘ugly’  and thinks they could do with a makeover.

They could do with a give over Mary, actually.  Women in politics (bar Dianne Abbott who needs running over not a makeover) have demanding, hard won and important jobs in public service. Real jobs that don’t involve  shopping and self branding straight talk .

Mary believes that a woman MP in an Aztec necklace, some chunky bangles or a shift dress in this season’s shade of sludge would make the House of Commons a prettier place. Are male MP’s sartorially perfect, or a lost cause? Because  Mary doesn’t mention them at all.

The day before yesterday I thought Mary Portas was an entertaining waste of time – now I think that in full make up,  sky high maintenance conker coloured bob and  the priciest of this autumn’s fashion she has shot herself in her spike heeled, boot-shoed foot.

In career terms I think Mary Portas may have jumped the shark with those sister unfriendly comments- but so long as she looks good…..






6 comments to Contrary Mary

  • Ginny Willis

    Here Here Anna May.

  • Absolutely! When do we ever hear talk of male politicians needing a make over! We’ll know when we’ve got equality when we’ve got a crumpled looking woman with hair like Boris Johnson at the top of her game!

  • Thanks, Ginny.

    Hello and Welcome Ross! All that’s keeping Boris out of Downing Street are his choice of accessories. Faux pearl and diamantee bicycle clips from the Mary Portas range would clinch it for him.

    Anna May x

  • sarah

    i so agree i cannot stand shrift dresses besides they make me look like a hippo. As for Mary she is so annoying with her haircut so sharpe it could cut glass

  • I used to love her, but thought her comments were a bit off. Also, she’s on telly far too much now. I’m half expecting to see her in Downton tonight.

  • Sarah, I LOVE hippos! They have the best eyelashes in nature.

    Karen, I feel a bit disloyal because I used to like her but I am so Portas weary…..

    Anna May x