You heard it here first. Coming this way from America – Napnasiums – snooze spaces at work.

4 comments to ZZZzzzzzz

  • Ginny Willis

    Naploungeasiums for me now that I am retired!!

    And a carbonnetasium for the cat.

  • sarah

    sounds a great idea i often feel like an afternoon nap when i am at work

  • Ginny, carbonnetnasium! Love it!

    Sarah, but what about the sleep dribble?

    Anna May x

  • Julie

    companies with napnasiums could give PJ’s with their branding out to employees. I often wonder where people in Mediterranean countries go to siesta as if they work in the city they may not have time to go home for a sleep. Now I know where they go! What about a worknasium – now that would be novel, or a “get-on-with-it-and -stop-whinging-asium”.