Wax Lyrical

The Nurse who syringed my friend’s ear earlier today flushed out eight teaspoons of wax and was thrilled with her trawl. “I have enough wax here for all the candles in Downton Abbey’s Dining Room!” she laughed and then she hummed the theme tune to the show.
I think she’s a fan.

5 comments to Wax Lyrical

  • Julie

    Hopi ear candles were recommended to me recently when I went deaf. Having read about it, it seemed to involve lying down whilst a complete stranger pokes about in your ear then inserts what look likes an incense stick into your ear and then lights it and it burns down whilst somehow dislodging the wax. I read this through my fingers expecting to hear about burnt ears and singed hair. not sure about that!

  • I’ll look out for them in the next series 🙂

  • Ginny Willis

    I’ve had hopi candles a few times – they were done by my acupuncturist. One hears the sound of crackleing in the ear and the end result is wonderful. I thoroughly recommend them.

  • I lolled a lot at that one. I wish the nurse at my doctor’s surgery was as witty. It would brighten up the smear tests something rotten.

  • Julie

    Fran – Joan Rivers tells a wonderful tale about going for a smear and telling the doctor she “dilated to meet him” to which he replied “I’m at your cervix”.