Take Cat

My 12 year old cat is slowing down. It’s taking her longer to chew, stretch and shift. She has taken to conking out on the car when it is parked on the front drive.

Yesterday I drove a twenty minute round trip to the post office and supermarket before I noticed her sleeping with her back to the windscreen on the passenger side of the bonnet.

It was a lovely sunny day and a lot of people were waving and hooting at me as I drove along because they could see the cat that I couldn’t – and I cheerily flashed and thumbed upped them back.

7 comments to Take Cat

  • She was probably lovely and warm. Good thing the drive wasn’t longer. She’d have been dinner.

  • Ginny Willis

    or KITeKAT!

    12 years is quite young for a cat Anna May – are you sure she hasn’t been eating too many birds? I would put her on a veggie diet for a while to see if she livens up.

  • Pauline

    You are clearly a careful driver, Anna May. I can’t imagine my cat hanging on past the first corner if I were driving… I gave a lift to a snail last week, which sat on the bonnet and stuck its head out full-length to enjoy a snail’s equivalent of a roller-coaster ride. Well, my daughter and I convinced ourselves that it looked as if it were enjoying itself.

  • sarah

    i have a really silly cat who is not very bright. She once jumped in my shopping bag and i got to the bottom of the road before i noticed her! luckily i had not boarded a bus!

  • Fran, too right. I don’t think a motorway drive would have done her much good…..

    Ginny, Fat and old, unlike me…..?

    Pauline, she was half in a well near the windscreen which probs helped. Maybe the snail was a divine message that you should drive slower?

    Sarah, your cat’s a she – she probabaly wanted to go shopping for some make-up or shoes!

    Anna May x

  • Julie

    what a sleepy puss you have – can’t believe the wind or vibration didn’t shake her from her slumber. that’s a great cat nap! I would guess she’s pretty rubbish at catching mice as she doesn’t sound very alert.

  • sarah

    Anna May you are so right Tara my cat tends to pinch my earrings