Strictly Sensational 2011

It’s going to be a VINTAGE year, I can tell already.

Tonight’s theme was game old birds: Tess Daly wore a Sesame Street big bird jumpsuit and introduced Dolly Parton who was dressed in Mother Goose style gauchos.

Edwina Currie was done up as half Queen Mother and half showgirl. Lulu is clearly this years dance-to-kill competitor and Nancy D’Elusiono believes she is Italy’s finest UK import. Nancy hearts Nancy.

I’m early liking Anita Dobson – she left firm palm prints all Robin’s chest and neck after a very short acquaintance and reminded me to add mature cheese to this week’s shopping list.

And Rory Bremner isn’t this year’s only impersonator on the show – Nicky Clarke is on there claiming to be some footballer or other.

Tess was thrilled with all her coo-pulls and so am I, and she deserved her Carer’s Allowance tonight for doing such a good job wheeling Brucie around.

GUTTED I have to wait three weeks for more smiles, sequins and sweat.

13 comments to Strictly Sensational 2011

  • Jan

    A promising line-up I thought. Looking forward to your strictly blogs as much as the show itself. I also liked Anita Dobson – anyone married to my hero, Brian May, can’t be all bad. By the way do you think Dolly Parton’s mouth was real or had it been stuck on? And how can such a lovely voice come from such a scary face?

  • Jan, I LOVE Dolly Parton and don’t get Brian May at all. My fan guess is that Dolly is 100% natural!
    Anna May x

  • Julie

    I can’t dance but this doesn’t stop me howling at others who think they can but can’t!Dear God – what a compelling bunch they are to look at that and that’s before they’ve even moved. I though Bruce was trying to make it like “Blind Date” – him and Tess really need to retire as they’re just dire. There must be a national shortage of hair wax at the moment at the moment too as the men all had shiny chestsI watched through my fingers as some of it was so cringey.

  • Debbie

    It’s going to brilliant this year – I can’t wait for the claws to come out when Arten and Holly Valance start dancing too closely.

  • sarah

    HI Anna May they filmed the trailer outside a friends house in Greenwich about 2 weeks ago and they got the residents to sign a form saying that they would not reveal the names of the celebrities x

  • Julie, be brave and don’t watch it through your fingers!

    Debbie, Holly looks determind, if you know what I mean……

    Sarah, I am sooooo jealous of that entire Street!

    Anna May x

  • Pauline

    You’re back! And to think that friends tell me I’m not that quick on the uptake…

    I am SO looking forward to this series, which seems to have a good combination of reasonable contenders, bonkers contestants and screaming divas. It’s a shame that neither Nancy Del’OliveOil nor Eggwina Currie will last long, as they look to be squaring up nicely for a diva-off. And I feel deeply sorry for little Harry McFly, who has drawn Spider-woman Aliona. Worryingly, I find myself warming to Russell’s Grant’s infectious enthusiasm – should I book an appointment with a therapist now?

  • Hello Pauline! Hahaha – Eggwina – love it. And the way Russell Brand works his neck to the music is soooo cute. Don’t go to a therapist – compose some Strictly ditties instead, please.

    Anna May x

  • Pauline

    Strictly’s Back! They’ve got partners; they’re ready to bop,
    Though that first group attempt was all over the shop.
    While the show should be great,
    I confess I can’t wait
    For Anna May’s comments on this season’s crop.

  • Pauline, THAT was a lot of fun, hun! (Did you see what I did there?) and so unbelievably quick!

    Anna May x

  • sarah

    Anna May my friend said while they were shooting the advert she saw Lulu close up and that she has either had surgery or the ‘time bomb skin care range she promotes is a miracle X

  • Not at all surprised Sarah – I bet there’s a big surgical skin knot underneath Lulu’s red hair!

    Anna May x

  • Looking forward to the show, your blogs about the show, and Pauline’s limericks. Bring it on!