Love You Lots Soon

“Love you soon” is what I said to my daughter at the end of our telephone call today. It was an absent minded cross between love you lots and see you soon.
“Too many reasons to say, you’re kind, you’re funny, you’re my daugh…”
“Why soon though?”
“No not soon. Now. You are always all those things. What’s the matter? You not feeling good today?”
There was a pause whilst we were baffled together and then I said “See you lots!” before hanging up.

2 comments to Love You Lots Soon

  • Ginny Willis

    It’s an age thing Anna May – you will have to get used to it now. It all happens at the same time as hot flushes although I had mine without any hot flushes. Also, it will not go away, I still jumble sentences after all those years.

  • Julie

    Very funny! Whay not stick to just “love you” then it can be now, always, next week, sometimes or never depending on who you’;re speaking too as well as soon, in a few weeks or today. I’m begining to sound mad. On holiday once. I spent a week saying thank you and goodbye to Italians in Spanish but hey, they knew what i meant! Adios.