Harper’s Bizarre Mum

Why is Victoria Beckham, who could afford a gold plated buggy, staggering around New York on bonk-me silly shoes with daughter Harper clucthed to her chest? And where is her regulation Mum bag stuffed to busting with nappies, cream, wipes, nappy bags, bottles of milk, bottles of water, breast pump, change of designer dress and matching bow, soother, sunscreen, soft toys,playmat, cuddly blanket, hat , mittens and educational flashcards?

And as for that other celebrity babe, Suri Cruise – why is she all over the press in heeled shoes and expertly applied red lipstick? According to her doting Dad Tom Suri does what Suri does – and he doesn’t feel any need to curb her enthusiasm for being the wrong sort of cute for a six year old girl.

4 comments to Harper’s Bizarre Mum

  • sarah

    you sort of thing that Harper is the new designer toy ( apparently handbag dogs are so last year!). Hiding in the background is a team of nannys equipped with wipes, nappies and clothing

  • Julie

    I thought Victoria B has a bad back! I feel out of my FLAT shoe today as I as waiting for a lift (mechanical type not someone in a car) here at work. I looked mad as I tripped out of my shoe, managed to trip over my own foot and nearly banged my head on the button which was at waist height. Fortunately no one saw me staggering about on the spot and I recovered by retrieving my shoe 5 feet away. Not sure what this has to do with VB or Suri C. but it’s nice to share!

  • Ginny Willis

    Hi Anna: At last you are back. You really must not take a summer break as I miss your ‘wittering’. Hope that your now back and fully charged – it certainly sounds like it from the last few blogs which I have just read.

    How are the book sales going?

    Julie: You really must try to stand on your own two feet!! Hope you are fully recovered from your ***** bad experiences.

    xxx G

  • Maybe VB thought Harper was a clutch bag?

    I’m very worried about these celebrity babies – they’re going to need a lot of therapy in future.