Don’t Kiss Me Kate

Vom. I have just watched Fake Winsit, I mean Kate Winslet accepting her Emmy at this year’s ceremony.

She had a particularly insincere kissing action – lip to lip with her hands cupping her victims’ faces whilst keeping one bright eye to camera and the other to the monitor.

And Laura Linney woz robbed.

3 comments to Don’t Kiss Me Kate

  • Debbie

    Ooooh – I’m watching the abridged version tonight….
    What has Laura Linney been in that was robbed?

  • Hi Debbie, Laura Linney was brilliannnnnnnnt in The Big C, a comedy about dying of cancer!!!!!?????

    Anna May x

  • I totally agree. Okay so I haven’t seen Mildred Doo-dah and I’m sure it’s very good, but The Big C was fanTAStic and I officially love Laura Linney.