Christeenager Bleakley

32 year old Christine Bleakley turned up to visit her old secondary school yesterday wearing full school uniform including a mini skirt and knee socks.

What will she wear if she goes to the visit the hospital where she was born? Just a nappy?

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  • sarah

    i wouldnt be able to fit my small toe in my old school uniform! she also is projecting the image that all school girls wear socks and mini skirts at my daughters school if their skirts were above the knee they got sent home. There was an article in the media last year about a school that banned the girls from wearing skirts,they had to wear regulation trousers.

  • Debbie

    Maybe Christine got the brief wrong and thought it was “skool disco”….

  • Sarah, there was soemthing very tacky about Christine’s stunt yesterday. And yes, my 3 girls also had to have their skirts on or below the knee. It was the male deputy head who had to inspect them!

    Debbie, Britney’s song ‘Hit (On) Me Baby One More Time’ came to mind!

    Anna May x

  • The end is nigh while grown-ups continue to behave that way. She says, pompously.

  • I went to a reunion/open day at my old school a while back. One of the prefects from a couple of years above me turned up wearing his stripey sixth form blazer and seemed inordinately proud of the fact that it still fit him forty years after he left school. I think Ms. Beakey was rather more in mind of the photo op. Won’t say anything about reinforcing stereotypes…

  • Blimey – what I wouldn’t give to see her in a nappy! That idea really tickled my imagination, Anna. Maybe she could suck one of those dummies that are so fashionable as well?! It’s a shame though that high profile women act like this for publicity. They just make themselves look like dimwits. (Am I being too outspoken here?!) Anyway, you wouldn’t catch me dead in my old school skirt – apart from the fact I’m about 3 sizes bigger it was ghastly and I looked like a nun.)

  • Fran, quite right. We’ll discuss this further at the back of the bike shed over a fag.

    Mike, stripey blazer? Are you closet posh?

    Jane, dummy is a very good word to introduce to this post.

    Anna May x