Tiaras, Tears and Reindeer Hats

Catherine Middleton is no commoner. Compared to the actual blue bloods on parade at Westminster Abbey today she had more poise, dignity and modesty than any of them. Her dress was divine, her Mum was a super heroine to keep her composure and her oh-so-proud Dad was adorable.

And talking of commoners. Commonest was plus […]

Trains, Dresses and I Do’s

I wish you all a hoppity happity Easter and will be back in a week, fully chocolate charged and ready for THE wedding. I’m so excited.

I want Kate to wear a dress with a train that is still coming out of the car as she is walking back down the aisle with her new […]

Lost Property and Vaseline

It’s the London Marathon this weekend. I will be running there, from the closest place I can park my car to the route. I have an urgent delivery to make – coconut mushrooms for a friend who is taking part. We have planned to rendezvous at the 23 mile mark for his sugar hit.

Ten […]

Just a Lidl bit Common

Chuckle, chuckle, snot and more chuckle, mirth and guffaw. Sam’n’Dave Cam flew Ryanair this week to show how very much indeed they are down with the electorate.

So being common is the new posh, then? Watch out for the ChavCams on a bus near you. One that stops outside Lidl.

A Snack Sized Joke

My daughter told me this joke today:

There’s a new vegetarian snack on sale in China. It’s called a Not Poodle.

Handbag Haulage

I’ve just done a radio interview with Vanessa Feltz about women and what’s in their handbags. For the purposes of research I tipped mine out onto the kitchen table and here’s what I found in there:

A bicycle pump, a leatherman, the satnav, binoculars, an army poncho, a torch and black shoe polish all belonging […]

Hice Wine and a Hat?

I confess. I tried to book ten tickets for my family and friends at £8 each for the Royal Wedding offer on Groupon. The deal included a seat in the Abbey and a glass of house wine at Buckingham Palace afterwards. My ding dong alert was not functioning last Friday morning April 1st..