Wheely Sad

My youngest passed her driving test and I am having the sweats at the thought of her driving alone.

When I see her getting into the front seat of the car I want to cry “Noooo! What do you think you are doing? Get into your booster seat back there and let me buckle you up or we’ll  be late for nursery!”

Aged 20,  the stars of her studenty winter fashion collection are a red duffle coat, fold down Uggs and a soft beanie hat with animal ears.  But when she climbs into the front seat to drive  off all I can see is her, just  two foot tall,  in a zip front Care Bear sleepsuit with a copy of  ‘Jane and the Dragon’ under her arm –  all ready for her bedtime story. 

The mystery is,  how has she got older when I haven’t?

5 comments to Wheely Sad

  • Ginny Willis

    I will have to look out for her in her red duffle coat, In my day they were all black – in fact everything was black. Certainly no Uggs, only moccasins, As for hats, they were non existant,

    Tell your daughter to hoot at me if she sees me walking along the road. Even better for her to offer me a lift,

    Yes, I agree that you haven’t got any older, just wiser…….

  • Pauline

    It’s very, very scary when your children first drive alone. My son, soon after passing his test and getting his first car, had to drive me to A&E in the middle of the night. Far from being grateful, I criticised his driving three times during the 15-minute journey. I know, bad mother, but my excuse is that as well as suffering from the allergic reaction necessitating the trip, I was also suffering a nervous reaction to being driven by him. I distinctly remember trying to lighten the mood by misquoting Monty Python: ‘He’s not a driver – he’s a very naughty boy!’

  • Diana

    Thiking of daughters and cars, I remember when my daughter was about 14 and she and her friends went to a youth club on a Friday evening, highlight of the week and of course there were boys there!! I was always the parent that picked the girls up and took them home. One evening a few boys were walking along and the girls being very girly said to me Beep to them, so me being me I did for some fun, minute the boys looked round the girls all ducked down in the car so it looked as if it was me beeping to them!!!

  • Anna May

    Ginny, you make it sound like you were around in the times of bustles and neck ruffs!

    Pauline, great tale……. you are SO ungrateful!

    Diana, a HUGE welcome. And yeah yeah – your daughter and her friends MADE you do it……..

    Anna May

  • Julie

    Diana’s email has made me laugh out loud!
    Annamay – your email is so poignant and lovely. when you’re old, she can drive you about.