Suits Me

I’ve had a lot of difficulty getting a new swimsuit. The rules of purchase are no cleveage – chest, front or back bottom, no hello sailor gold or button trims, no cups inside the bra that are shaped like sweetheart cabbages and no built in tightly elasticated girdles that would stop the blood supply to my legs and make me  very likely to drown once immersed in water. Bikinis are a NO NO NO NO NO and I would consider any swimwear with an attached skirt only suitable for padded cell wear.

So I found one. £25  M&S. It ticked all my rule boxes and I decided to try it on before I went to bed, when the house is warm and I’d be taking my clothes off anyway.

Bed time was 3am  (I’d been working, finished my book ‘A Quiet Belief in Angels’, watched ‘The Good Wife’  and cleaned out the fridge ) and I was in the upstairs hall in front of the mirror wearing the swimsuit and  checking myself from every angle when my husband heaved out of bed and headed for the loo.

Less than half awake  he saw  me in the swimsuit and  his sleep puffed  face lit up.  “Are we on holiday?” he wanted to know.

I didn’t have the heart to disappoint him so I said “Yes” which is why he turned off his alarm when he went back to bed, and arrived two hours late for work his morning……

8 comments to Suits Me

  • Julie

    Glad you found your cossie – you should have serenaded him to sleep with “summer holiday”. I wonder what he told his boss when he turned up late? “My told me I was on holiday” would make him sound quite mad.

  • That reminds me of when my husband woke up one night and yelled at me to look out of the window because someone was stealing our car. It’s only when, in a panic, and at the window, I realised we didn’t have a car. I don’t take any notice of his nightmares any more.

  • Anna May

    Julie, it could have been worse – he could have laughed at me.

    Fran, waddaya mean nightmare???????? I looked a dream in that cossie.

    Anna May x

  • I’m not cut out for even the sturdiest bathing suit these days, though my husband would disagree – but then he’s a man! Dreaming of holidays is no bad thing – summer seems ages away.

    I love The Good Wife – quality telly 🙂

  • Just realised I went a little hypen-mad in that comment. Apologies.

  • Hi Karen,

    Now if I looked like The Good Wife I’d be in a bikini! I think this series is off to a cracking start.

    Anna May x

  • Debbie

    You are so lucky to have found your summer cozzie – it’s a nightmare and ranks up there with bra shopping!

  • Pauline

    I am indebted to M&S swimwear, but even more indebted to their customers, who post encouraging or discouraging comments about their products online, enabling me to pick the perfect new swimsuit about a week before an impetuous Greek holiday at the end of last Summer.

    I particularly love that you tagged your post ‘M&S, padded cell, swimsuit’. Padded cell?