Miriam Rocks

I hope that 51 year old Miriam O’ Reilly’s  successful age discrimation case against the BBC means that the era of Beauty and the Beast TV presenter pairings on ALL channels is over. 

When working on a BBC TV show Ms O Reilly was offered a can of black hair dye and told to get botoxed up to remove her wrinkles. Yet every year wrinkly, crinkly grey haired Terry Wogan pops up on ‘Children in Need’ with a fresh young blonde in tow. And why are craggy Bruce and creamy Tess on Strictly deemed a well matched telly  ‘coople’ ? 

“Are all the older women on this planet dead?”‘ would be an obvious question from any smart martian who might have  his three eyes fixed on a UK TV set.

The BBC dumped Miriam O Reilly, Michaela Strachan, Arlene Phillips, Moira Stewart and Selina Scott and  then denied any accusations of ageism. Oh really? Or should that be O’Reilly?

4 comments to Miriam Rocks

  • I don’t ‘get’ plastic surgery. It looks AWFUL. I just hate this kind of discrimination and I wish we could all be just left alone to age as we will.

  • Moira Stewart doesn’t even HAVE any wrinkles! I was really pleased Miriam won her case, but it’s so disappointing it had to happen in the first place.

  • Jan

    I think it is shameful the way the BBC treats women of a certain age. It is as if they become useless at the first sign of a wrinkle. All the women you mentioned are intelligent and good at their jobs so what else do they want?

  • Nuala, I think having non essential surgery to try and retain youth is a form of lunacy.

    Karen, I agree – the whole subject is oppressive and depressing for women…..

    Jan, tits, bum and teeth, sadly. If Adrian Chiles was a woman with a face like that he certainly wouldn’t be on our TV screens.