Hospital Hoot

I had a hospital appointment yesterday and  was seen by a Dr Chu Chu.

We had a brief chat and then she apologised for passing me on to her colleague, explaining  she had to leave early to get to the station………….

7 comments to Hospital Hoot

  • Ginny Willis

    You cannot be serious!!!

  • Pauline

    Still using up old Christmas crackers, Anna May? 😉

  • Julie

    maybe she left to go to do some training (boom boom!). I once heard about a Victoria Station and her brother callled Heuston.

  • You weren’t there with tunnel vision were you?

    I’ll get my coat …

  • Anna May

    Oh GOOD work Julie and Karen. and ’tis true Glenda and Pauline.

    My trainee medic daughters have told me they have come across a Dr Children (paediatrician) and a Dr Rash (dermatoloigist)

    Anna May x

  • Ginny Willis

    There was a Dr Death who lived in Harley Street and was a customer where I used to work.

  • Julie

    I once met a Dr Hope who was like an English George Clooney and what a lovely name he had. I once knew a sales person called Ivor Price.