Gotta Love Love Story

Just to prove that I CAN be pleased in the theatre after my last two bum and mind numbing experiences at ‘A Flea in Her Ear’ and ‘Onassis’ last night I went on a £10 ticket to see ‘Love Story the musical’ in the West End ………and loved it.

I was with my husband who had somehow managed never to see the original film, and he took me by complete surprise by having an emotional meltdown as the story unfolded. To pretend he wasn’t crying he coughed a lot, blew his nose constantly and scratched himself all over in pursuit of tissues I had helpfully tucked into his shirt, socks and trousers pockets because to hold them in his hands would have been too girly, apparently.

Crying myself because it was such a moving telling of a sad, sad story – but also laughing  at my husband – I made a most embarassing mooing sound just when the actors on stage fell silent as Jenny died. It was so loud the usher hurried over leant in and whispered to me, “Do you need anything, Madam?” He obviously meant was I going to be quiet or did I need chucking  out?

It was all so tragic and melodic that we passed on a drink out after the show and instead treated ourselves to a box of tissues with aloe vera and sobbed into them all the way home.

2 comments to Gotta Love Love Story

  • Oh I don’t know if I could watch this. The film was sad enough, I remember weeping copiously. Mooing probably wasn’t appropriate, but may have lightened the mood.

  • Ginny Willis

    Good job you didn’t use tissues with olbas oil! I must remember to take boxes full when I go to see it in February.

    You should be on commission for you recommendations on plays, musicals, beauty salons, massage parlours etc. especially the weired ones.