Critical Thinking

Went to the final night of the very ordinary play ‘Onassis’  starring Robert Lindsay. After the curtain call  -when Lindsay got  muted applause for a 5 out of ten evening at the theatre – he took centre stage  and gave a rousing speech to the departing audience.  Voice cracking with emotion he told how  the show had been panned by the critics when it opened – but did he he  care? “NO!”  Luvvy Lindsay said  he is  interested in ‘people’s’  theatre and not ‘critics’ theatre and, according to it’s star,  ‘Onassis’ was quite brilliant piece of people theatre. Self praise and all that…………….

I thought it was story told,  coat, hat and home time  early in the play when Lindsay (as Onassis) delivered the  line , “I f*** Maria Callas, I f*** Jackie Kennedy and I’m f***ing rich!”

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  • Ginny Willis

    I think I would prefer to see Inspector Lindsay Mysteries on the tele rather than Robert Linsay in Onassis.

    You MUST go and see The King’s Speech. Best film I have see for ages.

    Also, cannot wait for FELA on Thursday as I have had good reports from friends who saw it last week at The National.

  • Ginny Willis

    I must just ask you a question: Will you be reviewing Dancing on Ice this year? It would help us followers to get over Come Dancing. We must have some excitement to get us through this winter!!

  • Anna May

    Hi Ginny,Kings Speech is on my list when I have finished with my £10 theatre outings (Onassis,Love Story and Clybourne Park) see, and as for Dancing on Ice? I am currently a virgin but that could all change tonight!
    Anna May x

  • John Bartlett

    Cute try at being witty, Ginny. Just a shame the television detective is called Inspector Lynley

  • I saw Robert Lindsey interviewed once and he came across as a right cantankerous old luvvie – has he forgotten he used to be in Citizen Smith?

    He reminds me of Martin Shaw who point-blank refuses to talk about his time in The Professionals, which made him famous, and was still moaning about it ‘casting a shadow over an otherwise distinguished career’ in one of the Sunday supplements last week. And to think I used to fancy both these men when I was younger!

    Rant over. And yes, do get hooked on Dancing on Ice – there’s plenty of fodder.

  • Anna May

    Hello John and Welcome. Nice that you are big fan of Robert L and feel you have to defend his honour…..

    Karen, rant continued: I thought Robert Lindsay was brilliant in Oliver! don’t remember him in much else. Martin Shaw always looks to me like he’s suffering from a bad case of piles and a hangover.
    What most annoyed me about the Onassis curtain call was that I was suffering from numb bum after sitting through a variable (and that’s being kind) show – and them the lead actor appears telling me that what I saw was magnificent! I think I might send Robert Lindsay a photo of a turkey to help him identify one for next time……

    Anna May x

  • My son is hooked on My Family (starring Robert and Zoe Wanamaker) and he got a box set for Xmas so his mug is rarely off our screens at the moment *screams silently*

  • Ginny Willis

    A personal mesage to John Bartlett. Re your comment

    Of course I am aware the tv detective is called Inspector Lynley but I don’t just sit at home with the Radio Times you know……my point was obviously lost on you as you appear not to have a sense of humour unlike the author of this “Writing News” page.