Paradise Found

I am in mourning for my PERFECT weekend. It was spent at a Health Spa with my entire extended family. It’s amazing how alike we look  when we’re all in white dressing gowns with sticky out hair. My husband kept referring to himself as a patient instead of a guest. The kindly staff who wore white nursing style uniforms gently corrected him each time. He ate a lot of ‘Bliss Balls’, a yogurt and oats house speciality.

Before a facial my therapist asked me to describe my complexion so she could write it down on her form. I answered ‘dalmation’ and she didn’t disagree. She shook her head in sympathy, rubbed my forearm and  replied, “And so late in life!”

I had a de-stress massage that was magnificent. So much so that I walked around for two hours afterwards with my flip flops on the wrong feet before noticing.

And this morning I found my entire family sat an an Infra Red Hot Box with the dial set to the ‘sexual stimulation’ setting. They enjoyed the Hot Box but say their favourite family, non sweaty, pastime still is throwing Maltesers into one another’s mouths from across the room.

There were eleven of us and we calculated that from Friday to Sunday afternoons in steam rooms, changing rooms, treatment rooms and bedrooms we used 154 towels.

7 comments to Paradise Found

  • Jan

    Oh well Anna at least you didn’t have to wash them – the towels that is.

  • My sister forced me to go on a spa weekend once. Did you have to wear those teabag knickers like we did?

  • Diddy

    make mine a coffee

  • Anna May

    Fran, my knickers are like bin bags with leg holes and are non negotiable.
    Anna May x

  • Well, I had some kind of massage thing with oil and mud and, I think, peanut butter, and they made me strip off and wear knickers no bigger than a teabag and made out of the same material.

    Or maybe that was another holiday, not the spa one ….

  • It was truly a weekend to remember forever! All the family( well almost all) together and enjoying themselves, fed food fit for the gods, every square inch of flesh oiled and lotioned and a white fluffy robe to snuggle into!!!!!

  • Anna May

    Fran, teabags and peanut butter ????? You sure you were in a state of undress in the spa area and not the restaurant?

    Moya, It’s over – boo hoo and sob 🙁

    Anna May x