Sky High

Two men came to my house today and turned me on, and about time too.

My Sky TV blew up ten days ago and I have been ‘without functionality’ since. This meant that a programme that lasted an hour actually took an hour to watch – I was without recording or fast forwarding or pausing – and to keep up with all the telly I am addicted to I had to watch it real time or on the ‘TV for Bats’ channel when it’s all repeated after 1am in the morning. Staying up all night to watch the Oscars is perfectly reasonable. Staying up till 3am to watch Deal or No Deal is a sign of mental instability. WHO would do that ? Er…….

So I have just had a blissful 15 minutes re-programming  my regulars: Loose Women (love to hate them), Dr Phil (love to love him), Greys Anatomy (McWonderful), Andrew Lloyd Webber is Dorothy, QVC at midnight for Today’s Special Value (can’t sleep without knowing what it is), The Good Wife (out of loyalty to George Clooney who was married to Julianna Arguiles in ER) and of course the show that thinks it’s a cheesboard – Brothers & Sisters.  And all curtsey to the Queen – Oprah.

5 comments to Sky High

  • Julie Pereira

    I laughed at your comment about Andrew L-B and how he could be Dorothy – that would be fabulous as he’s so pouty and would look great in a gingham dress with his very own Toto. BBC1 don’t need to run a 13 week show – they have their Dorothy! Welcome back to the world of Sky – you watch all my favourites. the bext programme EVER has been the man cycling through north and south America alone – can’t remember his name but he should be on every programme going as he’s fabulous.

  • Man cycling? Too intelligent for me, Julie.
    Anna May x

  • Roisin Nagle

    This is the real reason why I’m coming home on saturday….

  • Roisin. ALL mine. x

  • The title of your article”Sky High” has set me wondering if your devoted addiction is in any way or form connected to the Mile High Club( that I’ve heard/read about!)