Designer Gowns on the NHS

Top fashionista Ben de Lisi who has created frights, oops that would be frocks, for Helena Bonham Carter has been commissioned to design a new generation of hospital gowns for NHS patients.

 Helena with her electric shock style hair, pale skin and panda eyes is the perfect NHS muse for an outfit to wear whilst having a near death experience. I’m sure Ben will remember to accessorise: mock-croc morgue tags and bling studded containers for dentures could be included in his high style hospital range. And what about irridescent bedpans in a range of seasonal colours. Or maybe some linen syringe covers in neutral shades?

And why are the existing hospital gowns called ‘bum flashers’? Any time I have ever worn them I tie the opening at the front. Does that makes me a belly button flasher?

7 comments to Designer Gowns on the NHS

  • Pauline

    You will be pleased to learn that your belly button flashing requirements will still be accommodated, since The Times quotes Ben de Lisi as saying, ‘it no longer opens at the back, but you can get access to different parts of the body. Depending on your needs, you can wear it front to back or back to front.’

  • Anna May

    Good news, Pauline. My belly button was designed for sharing.
    Anna May x

  • Diddy

    Are we having a black hole discussion?

  • Debbie

    Oooh exciting times! Maybe the NHS will ask Jasper Conran to design a bedding range too…

  • You’re supposed to tie them up? Oh. No wonder I got funny looks as I walked down the ward.

  • Debbie, great idea – Jasper can start with wipe clean mattress covers !

    Fran, funny looks? I’m sure you mean ADMIRING…….

    Anna May x

  • Nope. Funny. Kate Moss I ain’t.