Worth Knowing

Piers Morgan wrote last week that Susan Boyle has never asked how many CD’s she has sold or how much money she has made since graduating from Britain’s Got Talent into international superstardom.

I was one of many who loved her from the start, for her voice yes, but also the way she challenged people’s […]

Pat in a Hat

My husband and sister and I had a threesome theatre night out on Monday and went to see ‘The Dead School’ at the Tricyle Theatre. The production is about everything: education, life, love, religion, and it”s poetic, operatic, funny and mesmerising

For a change I have no complaints about my seat, or my neighbours or […]

Cheryl, Mantyhose and Spooky Rabbits

I’m on the gallop today so here is a four in one blog to catch up from last week….

Cheryl Cole – after the coitius vomitus interruptus incident – when adulterous Ashley paused on the job to puke on the bedside rug before carrying on to score with another woman – why did Cheryl ever […]

Grandparents – Treasures or Terrors?

My four children have perfect teeth, 4 x 32 = 128.

That’s 128 reasons to love my mum, their grandmother, right there. She would line the four of them up, or prop them against something if they were too young to stand, and count to one hundred all the time eyeballing them to make sure […]

Designer Gowns on the NHS

Top fashionista Ben de Lisi who has created frights, oops that would be frocks, for Helena Bonham Carter has been commissioned to design a new generation of hospital gowns for NHS patients.

Helena with her electric shock style hair, pale skin and panda eyes is the perfect NHS muse for an outfit to wear […]

Snap Unhappy

My husband’s laptop is the keeper of family photographs so when I was asked for one this week by my publisher – I asked him to email me a few to choose from.

It was taking a long time – with him this means he’s asleep or watching Braveheart again – OR that there is […]

Make It Snappy

It’s not worth my brain space I know, but I am fascinated that David Beckham bought Posh a £24,000 crocodile skin Birkin handbag for Christmas. One that ‘snaps’ shut, I’m guessing.

I am a veggie so the thought of toting around a dead crocodile has no appeal. And the idea of spending £24,000 on […]

Lorna’s Angels

Last night I went to hear Lorna Byrne, author of the best selling book ‘Angels in my Hair’ talk about her life as a ‘mystic’.

Twelve people I know also bought tickets and when we got together after the event not one of us agreed on whether or not,or how much, we believed Lorna’s claims […]