Is there a Doctor in the Kitchen?

One of my daughters is a medical student and living at home for 3 months while she does her general surgery placement at our local hospital.

That’s why I found a pair of surgical scrubs in our laundry basket. I boil washed them and  put them on the drying rack to air. So far, so boring.

Until my husband saw them, and decided to do some  dressing up . I came home from Tesco to find a very puzzled border collie on his back on the kitchen ( or ‘operating’)  table whilst my husband listened to the dog’s  heartbeat with my daughter’s stethoscope. She was busy photographing Dr Dad.

 I couldn’t believe the pair of them had started to play without me, but I didn’t sulk. Instead I put my shopping down on the far end of the operating table and shouted “Blood Screen, Chem 7, pethidine, portable Xray and a Lemsip!” Mostly because they always say that on ER.

As for how he looked in the scrubs…….. I would have to say…… very George Clooney-esque.

And terrific news – the dog pulled through!

7 comments to Is there a Doctor in the Kitchen?

  • Oh my goodness! Talk about spicing up the relationship—- it’s obvious your husband. after gaining his physics degree. is yearning for another challenge– his scientific mind is striving for more knowledge. Whereas your eagerness to jump onto the kitchen table to play doctors and patients screams out a very different story!!!!!! Good luck to you both.

  • Anna May

    Have you confused me with the dog, Moya? It was the DOG he was doctoring, not me. But now I’ve typed that….should I be worried ?
    Anna May x

  • I would like to wish all the patients being treated with ‘Blood Screen, Chem 7, pethidine, portable Xray and a Lemsip’ good luck.

  • Anna May

    Fran, what’s luck got to do with it ? Have you never seen how in ER patients not only always survive but soemtimes even come back from the dead?
    Anna May x

  • Roisin

    You all have too much time on your hands

  • Utterly bonkers but you’ve made me want to come around and play too. I would like to be a snooty receptionist, one who talks really slowly and asks inappropriately personal questions. I so was made for that role. Actually, perhas you could develop this for screen? 🙂 x

  • Anna May

    Hello Caroline, you can definitely come and play next time if you are allowed. It’ll be cowboys and injuns or keeping shop.
    Anna May x